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wixab is a Marketing Automation solution for innovative businesses that want to maximise their ROI from digital channels and generate new demand.


wixab automates marketing activities by using information that is continuously acquired from digital channels. Increase the ROI of your campaigns by up to 400% thanks to the automated handling of the marketing funnel and the data driven system.


The tools for creating automated yet targeted campaigns means the needs of the specific user cluster and your company offerings are matched in an unprecedented way. wixab creates value by analysing the behaviours and preferences of users as expressed online by potential clients.


In the era of social media, loyal company clients are increasingly the key for word of mouth, social proof and increased sales. wixab integrates with Facebook and Twitter allowing for guaranteed and measurable value from engagement campaigns.


Advanced demand generation tools allow the number of business opportunities to be expanded recouping or ‘re-inserting’ all occasional visitors who have carried out actions which might indicate an interest in the company within the marketing funnel.

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Why choose wixab?

wixab optimises the performance of your company’s online campaigns and helps you build a real internal asset that grows in time and continuously generates new revenue. You will be amazed at the potential revenue generated from digital channels.

6 steps to increasing your company’s revenue.

1. Target and Segment.

Multiple campaigns are the present and future of digital marketing with a limited but tailor-made audience in terms of taste, timing and user behaviours.
wixab allows you to create and automatically manage client profiles based on the actions carried out by visitors and users – for example: site visits, replies to e-mails, requests for information.
Having more information about each single profile presents new opportunities such as the ability to generate messages and offers that are relevant to each audience. Targeted marketing campaigns delivering messages that are always relevant lead to many more people being prompted to follow up and take action: greater returns follow naturally with fewer cancellations from lists.

2. Create Contents.

The extraordinary simplicity of wixab’s tools for creating landing pages, web forms and newsletters means the marketing department can directly create content. No longer will technical staff have to be involved in launching a new campaign: the creative marketing department will be able to exploit a modern and totally intuitive graphic interface making IT personnel unnecessary. This means that times for launching a campaign are cut and changes can be done even from tablets.

3. Automate Marketing Campaigns.

Create your next campaign in a few minutes mapping it out with a flow-chart. Based on the campaign parameters chosen, wixab will automatically send out e-mails or text messages and can even supply the sales department with leads ready for purchasing. Select the automation conditions such as date, time or even user behaviour such as purchase, e-mail opening or clicks: wixab will take care of the rest.

4. Engagement.

Tired of the old "Like" flag? Generating revenue through social networks is no longer a utopian dream.
Thanks to wixab’s integration with social media you can create business opportunities directly from your fan page through integrated web forms and acquire users’ interests and preferences that are useful in creating Customer Database profiles.
Having user profiles means that engaging in dialogue with the brand, improving engagement options and opening new roads for gaining customer loyalty are made that much simpler.

5. Analyse and Anticipate.

Wixab Intelligence analysis of predictive algorithms allows to monitor the performance of the campaigns and the size of each individual audience. This provides you with support for strategic marketing activities to anticipate and take action on critical issues.

To optimise all areas of marketing, wixab Intelligence generates events through either automated or tailor-made policies. Each event can be associated to the execution of a task (e.g. turning Google Adwords campaigns on or off  based on the conversion rate) or an alert (e.g. report a growth in audience). Which means that optimisation policies can be automated so that only key information in support of decisions is obtained.

6. Generate New Demand.

Optimising the entire funnel means not only improving the performance of marketing campaigns, but also offering a number of tools for the systematic increase in revenues. Advanced demand generation tools allow the number of business opportunities to be expanded ‘re-inserting’ all occasional visitors who have carried out actions that might indicate an interest in the company within the marketing funnel.

wixab works on the 95% of users/visitors who, on average, are statistically lost between the input and output of a funnel that has been started online but has not been optimised.

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